Pulmonary Edema

Buildup of fluid containing pus in any cavity is called edema. If such fluid develops in the small airways of lungs, it is called pulmonary edema. Animals suffering from pulmonary edema have difficulty in breathing and they can’t carry out difficult physical activities. They cough and breathe rapidly to meet their oxygen requirements.

Pulmonary edema can arise due to two major reasons

Cardiogenic: Congestive heart failure

Non-cardiogenic: Any injury to the lungs can lead to pulmonary edema. This injury can occur due to a car accident or even smoke inhalation over long time. Some other non-cardiogenic reasons include severe infection, inflammation or obstruction of the airway.

Physical examination and radiological tests can help in the diagnosis of pulmonary edema. Oxygen therapy is quite helpful in pulmonary edema. Medications may be needed to remove the fluid from the lungs. Some pets have underlying diseases so they must be treated for those causes as well.