Demodicosis is a rare skin condition caused by a mite (Demodex sp.) that inhabits the hair follicles of the animal. It is a non-contagious and uncommon skin condition. these mites are considered to be normal inhabitants of feline skin coats and a healthy immune system makes sure they do not overpopulate. However, in immunocompromised animals, they may overpopulate and develop symptoms like patchy hair loss, generalized hair loss, and itchiness. Diagnosis is made based on the history, physical examination, and identification of few Demodex mites from the sin scraping. Older pets with immunocompromised systems require extensive testing to identify the cause of weaker immune systems i.e., cancer, chronic illness, and Cushing’s disease. Treatment includes topical or oral medication to kill Demodex mites and the use of antibiotics/antifungals to treat secondary infections. In immunocompromised animals, treatment of underlying primary disease is required.