Cheyletielliosis is a skin condition caused due to mites called Cheyletiella spp. This results in intense itching and is also known as walking dandruff. Pets get infected by these mites when they are exposed to other infected animals. Small animals and immunosuppressed animals are most likely to get infected. These mites live in the layers of skin and spend their entire life cycle in the skin. Female mites can survive for up to 10 days after being dropped in the environment. Cheyletiella is diagnosed by skin scrapping using flea combs and then examining the sample under the microscope. The presence of mites or eggs in the sample confirms the diagnosis of the disease. Treatment includes the use of certain pesticides and topical medication. Topical medications must be used multiple times for the complete elimination of mite infection. All the pets in the home and their sleeping areas must be treated concurrently. In some cases, pets develop secondary infections which are required to be treated using oral antibiotic therapy.