Periodontal Disease

Infection in the mouth of your cat can be a cause of bad breath coming from your pet’s mouth. The most common infection in the mouth is periodontal disease. It affects the majority of the cats that are above two years of age.  The periodontal disease leaves the cats with lesions that are painful. If left untreated, periodontal disease can become chronic and the infection spreads beyond the oral cavity to other organs of the body such as kidneys, heart, and liver. Resorptive lesions can destroy the teeth below the gum line. Cats with periodontal disease may not show overt signs of the disease except that they develop foul-smelling breath, chatter their teeth, and drop their drop. Diagnosis is made by carefully examining the oral cavity. Treatment includes removing the plaque and cleaning the mineral buildup by giving general anesthesia. After cleaning the teeth, they are x-rayed to look for any resorptive lesion if left untreated. Teeth that have been affected by resorption are usually extracted as they can be a potential source of chronic pain and infection. To prevent the infection, cats need to get their teeth cleaned regularly. Regular dental care and periodontal therapy maintain oral health and ensure overall wellbeing.