Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining. It can be acute or chronic. The most common cause of gastritis is dietary indiscretion, foreign body ingestion, parasites, toxins, spoiled food, immune-mediated diseases, food allergy, pancreatitis, organ inflammation, heavy metal poisoning, inflammatory bowel disease, chemotherapy, and chemical irritants. Diagnosis is made based on the blood tests, urine analysis, abdominal; x-rays, fecal tests, and urine tests. Treatment includes fluid therapy to restore dehydration and administration of the injection to stop vomiting. Withholding of food for 12-24 hours is recommended to allow healing. A bland diet should be introduced slowly after withholding the water. The bland diet should be given for 3-5 days before the gradual reintroduction of the regular diet. Treatment should be based on the specific cause. In case of an underlying health condition causing the disease, it should be treated primarily for example if parasites are the cause, deworming medications are prescribed. In case of foreign body obstruction, surgical removal of the foreign object is recommended.