Medial Patella Luxation

Medial patella luxation is a condition in which the patella or the knee cap does not stay in its normal position i.e., within the groove on the end of the femur. Medial denotes the direction of the knee cap which slides out of the groove while the patella is the knee cap. Luxation is the medical terminology used to describe the bone that slides out of the joint.  It either slide in or out of its natural position causes instability of the knee. Small breed dogs are predisposed to this condition. soft tissue injuries like meniscal tears and cruciate ligament can also result from joint instability. Diagnosis of medial patella luxation is based on physical examination of the affected joint. For further analysis, radiograph images of the dog’s knee are suggested by the vet. Treatment is advised based on the severity of the condition. when the condition is mild, maintaining healthy body weight and introducing food supplements can support joint health and improve the quality of life. In severe cases, this anatomical defect is corrected by a surgical procedure that involves deepening of the femur groove where the patella lies. Deepening the groove prevents luxation in the future and restores joint stability.