Cranial Cruciate Rupture

Ligaments are present inside the knee which help in stabilizing the joint during the movement.  These ligaments can get injured by sudden twisting motion creating which causes extra stress on them. Cruciate ligament surgery is the most common ligament injury. Certain breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and obese pets are predisposed to these injuries. Cruciate ligament injury causes sudden onset of lameness in the patient and they are unable to bear weight on it initially but later they can partially bear the weight on the affected leg. Initial diagnosis involves physical examination and history while radiographs and detection of drawer signs confirm the presence of cruciate ligament injury. Surgical repair is one of the surgical options available and is the most preferred one. Your vet will discuss all the available options to restore the function of the ligament.  During postoperative care, food additives are added to the diet which helps in minimizing the inflammation and ensures speedy recovery.