Bladder stones

Bladder stones are formed due to mineral deposition in the urinary bladder. Several underlying health issues can be possible reasons of this mineral deposition. Urinary bladder stones may not show any symptoms and go unnoticed until they show up in x-rays which are done to identify some other health issue.  Stones in the bladder may irritate the dog but are not life-threatening condition until the stone cause an obstruction by being lodged in the urethra. This is a painful situation and needs to be treated immediately so that kidney failure can be prevented. Bladder stones are visible on radiographs or ultrasound and can be diagnosed by radiograph images. Treatment can be surgical or non-surgical and depends on the type and location of the stone. When the stone is not causing any obstruction is can be treated by dietary dissolution. However, in some cases, it is necessary to remove the stone surgically. After removal, the composition of the stone is analyzed and changes are made to prevent the recurring of bladder stone. Your vet will guide you about the plan to be chosen.