Demodicosis is a parasitic skin disease that is caused by Demodex sp. of mites that are non-contagious and dwell in your pet’s coat. Their population normally present in your pet’s hair follicle and a healthy immune system keeps it under control. However, they may overpopulate when your pet is young with a developing immune system or has a compromised immune system. The disease includes itchiness and hair loss in patches which may become generalized with time.

Diagnosis is made by taking the history of the pet and physical examination and scraping of the skin of the pet to find Demodex mites which are further examined under the microscope. 

In older patients, the chances of this disease being linked to the compromised immune system are more and diagnosis includes more extensive testing to find out the cause of the compromised immune system which can Cushing’s disease, chronic illness, and cancer. Topical medications are administered to reduce the population of Demodex mites while in case of secondary infections, antibiotics and antifungals are prescribed. Immunosuppressed patients are advised therapy to treat underlying causes.