Cheyletielliosis or walking dandruff is a skin condition caused due to mite infection and is characterized by intense itching. Pets get infected when they come in contact with an already infected animal. Immunosuppressed pets, kittens, and puppies are at a higher risk of getting infected than adult pets. The entire life cycle of Cheyletiella mites is spent on your pet. However, female mites can survive for up to 10 days after being dropped in the environment.  For the diagnosis, the scale sample is taken which includes a flea comb or pressing the tape on the skin. After which the sample is examined under the microscope which can detect the presence of eggs or mites.  In case of the absence of eggs and mites, the chances of an individual being affected by cheyletielliosis are ruled out.  In case of infection, treatment includes topical miticidal medications to wipe out the infection completely. All the pets in the house should be treated simultaneously. In some cases, the pet may develop secondary infections which may require oral antibiotic therapy. Seeping areas of pets should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent a recurrence.