Nuclear Sclerosis

eyes are prone to signs of aging and are one of the places that are quick to show these changes. One of the signs of aging includes cloudiness or discoloration within the pupil which are apparent when you look into your dog’s eyes. This cloudiness is caused due to thickening of the lens and occurs with the process of aging. To understand the concept of thickening of the lens, consider the lens as layers of an onion. With aging, the distance between these layers becomes shorten and layers become more compact. These compressed layers refract the light more and give the lens a cloudy appearance. Nuclear sclerosis looks very similar to cataracts. Ophthalmoscope, a specialized instrument help in distinguishing the cataract and nuclear sclerosis.  Nuclear sclerosis is associated with aging and does not require any surgical intervention as opposed to cataract which requires therapy and surgical procedure.

Your pet’s vision is rarely affected by lenticular sclerosis until the condition becomes severe.