Eyelids prevent the eyes from drying out and trauma. Entropion refers to rolling the eyelid in towards the eye. This causes the hair and eyelashes on the eyelid to rub against the cornea causing irritation, inflammation, and ulceration. Entropion can be an inherited or acquired condition. certain breeds e.g.: Shar Peis, Saint Bernards, and dogs with large skinfolds are predisposed to this condition. swelling due to trauma, obesity and ocular inflammation due to allergies can be a cause of acquired entropion.  Symptoms of entropion include watery discharge from the eye, squinting, conjunctivitis, eye redness, and rubbing.  If not treated, this may lead to irreparable damage to the corneal layer causing vision impairment.  In young dogs, the condition can be resolved using topical medication and lubricating eye drops. In severe cases, surgery is performed to remove the skin away from the cornea and another minor corrective surgery to correct the deformity. A surgical procedure is not performed until the dog is fully grown. When it is acquired entropion, resolving the underlying causes such as obesity and allergies can help in treating the condition.