Corneal Ulcer

the cornea is the clear membrane that encapsulates the front of the eye. Any abrasion or wound in the corneal surface leads to the breakdown of the surface called corneal ulceration. There are several different causes of corneal ulceration but the most common cause is trauma to the eye while others include bacterial infections, viral infections, allergies, and medications. Dogs with cornea ulceration squint and rub their eyes excessively.  To diagnose the disease your vet will perform an eye exam using fluorescein eye stain which helps in determining the extent of the disease too. Treatment of corneal ulcer includes treating the inflammation using antibiotic drops or eye ointments while in severe cases surgery is performed. Surgery includes removing the poorly healing or dead corneal tissues and corneal grafting. The underlying causes of the disease should also be looked for and controlled for complete resolution of corneal ulceration. Recheck examinations should be done frequently to ensure the healing process.