Otitis Interna

The innermost portion of the ear is responsible for hearing and equilibrium and when inflammation occurs in the inner ear it is called otitis interna. The loss of balance makes the dog stagger or move in the circle. They have their head tilted towards the affected side.  Otitis interna is caused when the infection in the middle ear is left untreated and extends to the inner part of the ear. Inflammation can also occur due to the presence of a tumor. However, this is a rare case.

Physical examination is the first step in the diagnosis of disease and rules out the possibility of any neurological abnormality. Imaging techniques like CT scans can help in determining the extent of infection. Long-term use of systemic antibiotics is advised to treat the otitis interna. Sometimes, surgery may be needed to remove the debris from the inner ear. The complete removal of the disease includes follow-up examinations.