Anal Sac Disease

Anal glands are present on each side of the anus in the 4 and 8 o’clock positions. These scent glands empty their secretion during defecation. Anal sac disease (ASD) results when these glands are unable to empty themselves due to reasons such as skin inflammation, obesity, diarrhea, and tumors. Scooting, licking, pain, and foul-smelling discharge are the common symptoms of ASD. The severity of ASD from mild symptoms to severe infection may cause damage to the anus and rectum. Treatment involves the emptying of the sacs from debris to minimize the infection. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication can be a relief in the situation. However, to limit the recurrence of the disease, the underlying cause of the disease needs to be inspected and treated specifically. In case of chronic inflammation or the presence of a tumor, surgery may be required to remove the anal sacs.