Tonsils are lymph nodes present within the folds of tissues called crypts, on each side of the throat. They function as a defense mechanism and help in fighting the infection. However, sometimes they get infected and this inflammation of the tonsils is called tonsillitis. There is no specific cause of tonsillitis but anything that causes infection in the head region can cause inflammation of the tonsils.  Tonsillitis is usually associated with underlying health conditions such as infections, tumors, and chronic cough. 

Tonsillitis causes pain while swallowing and dogs with tonsillitis hesitate while swallowing and become lethargic. A veterinarian can diagnose tonsillitis by visual examination of your pet’s throat.  Some pets may require to be sedated so that a thorough examination of the throat can be done. Any underlying cause should be inspected and treated specifically. In the case of a tumor, surgical removal may be needed.