Vizsla isn’t just a proficient hunting dog, but also a faithful companion. They are very attached to their owners.


The Vizsla (which means “pointer” in Hungarian) is the national dog of Hungary. The earlier origins of Vizsla are challenging to find; however, its history possibly started in the 9th century when the warring Magyar tribes moved from the Steppes of Asian countries and ultimately moved to the Carpathian Basin, identified today as Hungary.

Physical Appearance

The Vizsla has specific bodily features that differentiate it from other breeds, such as its light-weight and muscular physique and its shorter, sleek coat. 


22 to 24 inches (male)

21 to 23 inches (female)


55 to 60 pounds (male)

44 to 55 pounds (female)


12 to 14 years





Susceptible to Diseases

Seizure disorder

Malignant tumor

Acetabular dysplasia

Thyroid Problems

Care and Grooming

Vizsla is a smooth-coated dog breed; they just need baths approximately once every 3 months. Although, if a Vizsla may be on a hunting trip in the mud, a bath might be required. When bathing the dog, soap or shampoo must be used.