Miniature Pinscher

Miniature pinschers are small dogs having significant personalities.


The Miniature Pinscher dog was initially bred in Germany for hunting vermin and rodents in stables and homes. They were called the “King of Toys” for their noble physical appearance and self-assured personality. Most researchers recognize that Miniature Pinscher is a very old breed created from the smooth Dachshund, Italian Greyhounds, and the German Pinscher. Miniature Pinschers were chosen mostly as ratters.

Physical Appearance

Miniature pinscher colors vary from chocolate, black, tan, red, fawn, and mixtures of all. They’ve dark-colored eyes, which are egg-shaped and perky ears.


10 to 12.5 inches


Eight to ten lbs.


12 to 16 years


  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Spirited
  • Bark a lot
  • Extrovert

Susceptible Diseases

  • Heart problems
  • Thyroid Defects
  • Perthes disease

Care and Grooming

The Miniature Pinscher’s short coat is easy to maintain. Weekly brushing using a soft brush helps keep it glowing. Like all breeds, their nails must be cut routinely, as long nails might cause discomfort to the dog.