English Bulldogs are very cordial, brave, and lenient towards their family. English bulldogs are usually sluggish and love to spend time on sofas.


 Mastiff-type dogs are considered the ancestors of English Bulldog. They have emerged from England. In 1859, Bulldog first time appeared in a conformation show in England. At the Birmingham show, King Dick named Bulldog won in 1861. R.S Rockstro made the first Bulldog breed club in 1864. The American Kennel Club acknowledged English Bulldog in 1890.

Physical appearance

An adult male English bulldog has a bodyweight of about 50 pounds, while the female has about 40 pounds. They can grow up to 12 to 15 inches tall. English Bulldogs are usually seen in different colors like fawn, fallow, white, and red. They have dark black or brown eyes.

Average lifetime     

English Bulldogs can live up to 8 to 10 years only. Their life span is shorter than some other dog breeds.


English Bulldogs are affable and comical. They are amicable with their family members and children. They are not hostile at all. Early age socialization training can help English Bulldog in developing good social behavior. If not adequately trained, they can be defensive towards strangers.  Some factors such as socialization, training, and heredity can influence Bulldog’s temperament.

Susceptible to Diseases

English Bulldogs generally have good health and are physically fit. Dog owners must vaccinate their dogs to prevent any diseases. English Bulldogs can be vulnerable to specific disorders, which are discussed below.


Entropion is an eye disorder in which the eyelid gets damaged due to inward rolling. Inward movement of eyelashes can contribute to irritating and itching in a dog’s eyes. Eye surgery is performed to treat this disorder.

Dry eye

In this disorder, the dog’s eye gets dry due to insufficient production of natural tears. Dog owners should take their dog to the vet if any dryness exists in the dog’s eye.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an inherited disorder in English bulldogs in which the hip joint forms in an unusual way. Dog owners must take their canine to the vet for proper medications and treatment.

Tail problems

English Bulldog can be susceptible to certain skin diseases and infections due to their tight screw tail. So proper cleaning of the tail is crucial to avoid any infection.


English Bulldogs can be susceptible to obesity. Several illnesses such as metabolic and digestive disorders, heart diseases, and back pain can develop due to obesity. Dog owners must provide a balanced diet to avoid obesity.

Care and grooming

  • Dog owners must brush their dogs’ hair daily to avoid hair falling everywhere. Brushing can increase blood circulation.
  • Brushing teeth needs to be done daily to avoid plaque formation and dental disorders.
  • Dog owners must cut their nails to prevent dirt deposits in nails and avoid any infection.
  • Bulldogs usually don’t enjoy exercise, but dog owners must provide a healthy lifestyle as they are vulnerable to obesity. Dog owners should take their English Bulldogs on morning or evening walks.
  • English Bulldogs’ face needs to be clean as germs can deposit in their wrinkled face and cause infection.
  • English Bulldogs are susceptible to extreme conditions. They can get heatstroke in a hot environment. So, dog owners must keep them indoors during extreme weather.