Chinese Crested Powderpuff

The Chinese Crested is an amazing-looking small dog who didn’t originate from China. Chinese crested dogs come in 2 types: powderpuff (with hair), hairless.


Simply no earlier written past information regarding the beginning of this dog breed exists, thus theories have filled in the spaces/gaps. A theory states that the Chinese Crested dogs might find their history from the African hairless dogs. Such small dogs had been bought by sailors that moved from port-to-port and made their way to China. The Chinese liked little dogs and bred these dogs with small size and developed a new breed.

Physical Appearance

The powderpuff breed has a thick double coat.


12 to 13 inches


8 to 10 lbs.


13 to 18 years




Good with other pets

Gentle with kids

Susceptible Diseases


Skin Diseases

Teeth Problems

Perthes disease

Care and Grooming

To keep their coat in the proper condition, it’s advised to brush daily, wash once a week, and always moisten the coat with water or conditioner and water mix (Ten parts water and One part conditioner).