Bull Terrier Colored

The Bull Terrier had been created in the nineteenth century as a fighting dog initially. But with time, they have become a good option for an attractive friend of mankind.


Within the mid-1800s, the white-colored form of the dog breed, called “white cavaliers” had become favorite pet among the gentry. Crosses towards the Staffordshire Bull Terrier reintroduced color around nineteen hundreds. Nowadays, Bull Terriers are kinder than their ancestors, but they are still powerful and bold dogs.

Physical Appearance

The unique bodily attribute of the Bull Terrier is its head, which is oval-shaped and flat on the top. The eyes are tiny, darkish, and close-set.


21 to 22 inches


50 to 70 pounds


12 to 13 years


  • Gentle
  • Caring
  • Playful with loved ones
  • Faithful

Susceptible Diseases

  • Genetic Nephritis
  • Hearing problems
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Skin Issues
  • Lens luxation

Care and Grooming

Colored Bull Terriers come in any color except with white marks or white. Bull Terriers are easy to groom; they require weekly brushing using a rubber glove except their six months shedding period when regular brushing will be essential to keep all of the hair managed.