Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are lovely, intelligent dogs that like quick walks as much as cuddling over the couch.


The Boston terrier dog breed was created in 1875, when Robert C. Hooper of Boston brought in a dog called Judge (recognized afterward as Hooper’s Judge), a terrier and bull-type lineage. The Boston Terriers are sturdy and powerful with the blocky head now demonstrated in Bostons.

Physical Appearance

These types of dogs are sturdy and small, having a compact build. They’ve shorter, smooth coats which are white-colored along with black, seal, or brindle.


15 to 17 inches


12 to 25 lbs.


11 to 13 years


Enjoy playing

Endless Energy

Susceptible to Diseases


Eye infections

Heart murmurs

Hearing problems

Care and Grooming

The Boston’s smooth coat may not shed a lot. Brushing once in a week using a soft-bristled brush can help take away the shed hair. Proper brushing even stimulates hair growth and directs oil through the coat to keep it healthier. Bostons must be bathed rarely, except if they get into anything messy. Like every breed, the Boston’s nails must be trimmed frequently, as long nails might cause difficulties in running and walking.