Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs are devoted dogs who like to spend more time with their loved ones (preferably humans).


Bernese mountain dogs are carefully bred from crosses of guard-type and Mastiffs breeds. These dogs were taken to Switzerland by the Romans 2,000 years back. Their name had been created from the Canton of Bern in Europe, where the dogs were living. They were indeed one of four tri-colored types of Swiss Mountain dogs.

Physical Appearance

The Bernese mountain dog is a big dog with a beautiful tri-colored coat.


25 to 27.5 inches in male

23 to 26 inches in female


80 to 115 lbs. in male

70 to 95 lbs. female


7 to 10 years




Good with children and other dogs

Susceptible to Diseases


Canine elbow dysplasia

Generalized progressive retinal atrophy

Liver Shunt

Care and Grooming

The Bernese Mountain dogs are double-coated dogs. They shed a lot more in shedding season that occurs twice yearly. Daily brushing throughout shedding season may help in removing shed hair. Like all breeds, the nails must be trimmed routinely because long nails can cause discomfort.